This year's lecture "Introduction to Computational Complexity" will be held as an intensive lecture, with usually two lectures scheduled each week (Monday and Friday morning) until mid-December.

All the lectures are from 8:45 to 10:15 in the classroom Joho 2, Research Bldg. No.7.

Here is the current tentative schedule (the schedule may change so please check regularly this page):

Lecture 1: October 7th (Monday)
Lecture 2: October 11th (Friday)
Lecture 3: October 18th (Friday)
Lecture 4: October 21th (Monday)
Lecture 5: October 25th (Friday)
Lecture 6: October 28th (Monday)
Lecture 7: November 1th (Friday)
Lecture 8: November 8th (Friday)
Lecture 9: November 11th (Monday)
Lecture 10: November 15th (Friday)
Lecture 11: November 18th (Monday)
Lecture 11: November 29th (Friday)
Lecture 12: December 2nd (Monday)
Lecture 13: December 6th (Friday)
Lecture 14: December 9th (Monday) slides part 1, slides part 2


Here is the first assignment (the deadline is November 15th).
Here is the final assignment (the deadline is January 10th).